Zombies Rise In War Rock: Clan Warfare

GamersFirst’ premier MMOFPS Launches Latest Game Mode

Irvine, Calif. / Heidelberg, Germany – October 14, 2010
War Rock, GamersFirst’s premier FPS title, launches its newest game mode – Zombie Mode. Zombies have invaded the mythical country of Derbaran after a military, medical experiment went wrong. Currently the Zombie threat is restricted to the new Blind Bullet map. More maps are planned for release in the coming months.

Blind Bullet laboratory was utilized by the Derbaran Military to conduct experiments to build a better soldier. Experiments had gone on in secret for years, almost forgotten. As the NIU advance their control over military strongholds, they have stumbled upon the terrible secret, Zombies! Gamers are trapped inside with the task of fighting their way out alive.

Features of Zombie mode:
- Blind Bullet Map
- 3 new guns: Glock17C, PSG-1 20B, Barrett M82-N
- 20 Zombie waves

Keys to Survival:
- Collect Drops to restore your ammo, health or revive fallen teammates
- Cause massive Zombie damage by shooting drum barrels (when near them)
- 2 replenish stations in the main lab:
o Medic Station – Stand near this station between waves to recover health
o Ammo Station – Stand near this station between waves to recover ammo
- Beware of General Chariot! – This Zombie’s bite is worse than his bark!

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