Yoga Classes for Different Age Groups Provided at YICG

YICG (Young Indian Culture Group, Inc.), an academy for NYC based Indians, currently offers yoga classes for kids and adults from Long Island and Queens. Students who want to attend the classes can register and join for the group training at the Herricks Middle School in New York, conducted on Saturdays.

According to one of the yoga teachers at YICG, “We hope that by exposing our students to yoga and its healing properties, this younger generation of Indians in NYC would be able to connect with their ancient Indian culture. In fact, this very connection is what we strive to develop in our students by providing such educative sessions.”

Personalized and Beneficial Yoga Classes

The training sessions would incorporate training in breathing, asanas, and relaxation. The students would be guided from simple to complex postures depending on the pace of their progress. The team of instructors at YICG hopes that apart from the fun of being in a group environment, the students would benefit in any or all of the following ways:

•    Improved focus of mind
•    Improved body flexibility
•    Stress relief
•    More energy and enthusiasm towards life
•    Development of self-esteem
•    Improved strength and stamina
•    Fat reduction

The training sessions are handled by Deepika Modi, Sunil Modi, and Vasundhara Sureka.

About Young Indian Culture Group, Inc.

The YICG academy works on a not-for-profit basis. Interested students can learn any of a variety of subjects for which training is provided at YICG including Bharata Natyam, Kathak, Odissi, tabla, Bhagavad Gita, Hindi language, Bollywood dance, shlokas, and Vedic heritage. The academy by way of its classes and cultural activities, attempts to instill in the Indian youth, feelings of identity and pride in their heritage.

For details regarding the schedule for yoga classes or other training sessions, and for more information about the academy, visit

Young Indian Culture Group, Inc.
999 Herricks Road,
Suite 110,
New Hyde Park,
NY 11040
Phone: 15167391575

About yicggroup

Bollywood dance is a hit worldwide and incorporates styles from Western popular, Indian folk, kathak, jazz, and other dance styles. Learn the most current Bollywood dance routines under an experienced Bollywood dance teacher at YICG in New York. Students from the Queens and Long Island communities in NYC can benefit from the dance classes for children and adults.