Women spend 7.5 hours searching for the perfect dress online

Research by an online retailer has found that women will visit 7 different websites, on average, before they buy an item of clothing.

Online retailer Offerssupermarket.co.uk conducted research of 1,572 Brits to discover how long they spend researching a product they are interested in buying and how many websites they visit before they buy the item.

The study by http://www.offerssupermarket.co.uk shows that there are clear differences between men and women when it comes to spending their money, and shopping online.

61% of the women polled search for an average of 7.5 hours to find the ideal online purchase, according to the survey, compared to the majority, 54%, of men that search for just 2.5 hours.

Just 1 in 10, 11%, of women buy their product from the first site they visit. A third, 34%, of men buy their product from the first website they come across.

The research shows that women are more likely to search several websites for clothing, with 42% admitting that they search between 5 and 10 fashion websites. However, men are more likely to search more when looking for electrical goods, with 36% claiming they visit between 10 and 15 electrical websites before buying a product.

The research shows that 13% of men buy clothes online, and more than two thirds, 68%, spend less than an hour searching for deals and visiting different websites.

9% of women order their food shopping online; however almost double the amount of men order groceries via the internet, 18%.

When asked, ‘Would you rather shop online or on the high street?’ 72% of men answered ‘online’, compared to just 53% of women that prefer shopping on the internet. 26% of the women that preferred online shopping stated that it is ‘easer’ than shopping on the high street.

Eve Atkins, founder of http://www.offerssupermarket.co.uk, has said,

“We commissioned the research to discover if the general public do actually research products before they buy or if they simply buy from the first site they visit. The internet is used so widely now, that it is no wonder people have gotten into the habit of browsing a number of sites before they find the right product for them. Not all sites offer the consumer a good deal, so it’s best to shop around.”

She continues,

“This is the purpose of offerssupermarket.co.uk; it shows users the best deals available but not just based on cost. Our unique top ten section can be based on quality, delivery time, usability or cost. I wasn’t shocked that women spend more time researching products, we just need to have men care as much about their bank balance as they do avoiding shopping!”

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Editors Notes

  • Offers supermarket is an online shopping site for most popular items from fashion to mobiles and holidays to TVs (and most things in between)  many with offers or special prices attached.
  • Eve Atkins, the managing director of OffersSupermarket.co.uk has been in publishing for more than  20 years working in regional press and web

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