Windows Active Directory management for AD administrators

In a large network with multiple domains it is imperative to store information of all users, devices and other resources in the form of a directory structure. Windows Active Directory service offers that facility to organizations. However, to manage Active Directory of a large network, it is important to have the necessary tools and applications. Moreover, it is also necessary to be able to manage every component of the Active Directory from a central location. Lepide Active Directory management and reporting software is so devised to offer a centralized platform to manage Active Directory. This utilitarian software comes integrated with numerous features and functionalities that help AD administrators to manage the directory structure with ease.

Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting tool is apt for managing different AD objects, resources and service. AD objects including users, groups, computers, devices, files, schema, organizational units, GPOs, DCs and much more can be tracked, viewed, modified and managed with this impeccable tool. Following are the main functionality within Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting application:

1.Single and bulk computer management: With this functionality, administrators can view system information and directory function of the entire domain. Also, they will be able to configure the account policies, audit policies and perform other tasks like managing peripherals, events, network shares, etc. Furthermore, this feature helps in managing remote computers, registry on local and remote systems and executing WMI queries.
2.Single and bulk user management: This functionality enables Ad administrators to view the user objects and modify their properties and attributes. Also, this feature helps in managing the user account functions, Exchange functions and other user related functions. Administrators are also able to create new user objects and move them with the OU or domain.
3.Group management: To manage Active Directory it is important to create groups of users, computers and devices to simplify the process. With this software administrators will be able to create, delete, rename, enable/disable groups; add and remove group members; move the groups within a domain or OU; manage the group attributes; view or modify the group information and set group policies.
4.OU management: Organizational units are container within a domain which can hold other objects and OUs. This Active Directory tools helps in viewing the directory attributes and system information of objects within an OU, manage group membership within OUs and also view their network specifications.
5.AD reporting: This software comes with a very important feature of generating AD reports on need basis. This functionality enable administrators to manage Active Directory in a better manner by obtaining detailed information about every object, group, device or user configured to the AD structure.

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Key features:

1.Easy access to network management utilities
2.Easy access to built-in system tools
3.Users accounts and attributes management
4.User password management
5.Management of organizational units and domain controllers
6.Domains management
7.Groups management
8.Management of directory attributes
9.GPOs management
10.Events management for both local and remote computers
11.DFS management
12.Printers management
13.Services and devices management
14.Management of network shares
15.Jobs and task scheduling and management
16.Built-in object manager that enables creating and editing Active Directory and WMI queries
17.Auditing Active Directory objects
18.Automatic development of Active Directory reports

Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting software supports Windows Server 2000 and 2003, Windows XP and later versions. This tool can be availed as a free evaluation version for a period of 30 days. In these 30 days users are provided with all the functionalities to manage Active Directory except saving or printing the generated reports. This limitation can be averted by purchasing the full version of the software.

About the company:

Lepide Software is a product development company and well known for providing a variety of IT management and Enterprise level business enhancement products. Established in the year 2004, the company has constantly released and offered various best-selling solutions. It has registered a strong growth at the rate of 200 percent annually for the same period. You can visit the website

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