Wind, Solar or Hydrokinetics-Which is the Most Energy Efficient Best

Pike Research, published the 2nd Quarter of 2009 says “The high capital costs associated with renewable energy technologies is largely avoided with marine kinetics. The capital costs of marine renewable energy systems will be 50 to 100 times smaller than investments required to create the same amount of electricity from either wind or solar.” No one system is going to solve all our climate change or CO2 carbon emissions problems, but some are truly more cost effective, with more energy efficiency and with a zero CO2 footprint. Gulf Stream Turbines LLC has a simple, patented submersible system, very cost comparable to wind turbines, less than solar and having no site preparation costs, or negative comments, either real, or emotionally based, we need all new systems. According to Green Chip Stocks and the book “Alternative Energy Speculator” by Jeff Siegel’s ” Wind energy capacity is now forecast to double by 2011 from 25,369 MW installed by the end of 2009 to nearly 56,000 MW. It will triple by 2013 and quadruple by 2015, that’s just in the U.S., in China, a recent US $15 billion initiative will double their use of wind energy in the next year from 12,000 MW to nearly 30,000 MW.” The Gulf Stream Turbine’s 1.2 Mw turbine utilizing 2 600 kW generators, counter rotating using basic laws of physics to give it inherent stability and to be able to remotely control its depth, makes it immune from serious control problems and should generate steady electricity for many years without needing to be removed from the ocean, and because of its very slow RPM’s will cause no harm to marine life. Each turbine will generate 8.941,000 kW of electricity per year. Visit our site George Soros and Larry Elison and Micky Arison and Wayne Huizenga, where are you? Call me. We are projecting around US $3 billion (not including electricity revenues) in Carbon Offsets by 2012-2013.

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