Wildnet Complaints Management Software Beta Version Launched

Wildnet Technologies Complaints Management Software has been launched in its Beta version with a final customer release version expected to be available in a few months. The complaints software (also called Wildnet Complaints Application) is expected to help customers easily manage online complaints through a single interface.

23.10.2011: Wildnet Technologies, a leading internet marketing and search management company based in Noida, India announced the launch of Wildnet Complaints Application in its beta version to help companies track online complaints and monitor responses and feedbacks. The tool will constantly track the web world for any complaints regarding a company’s products or services and will send an alert to the company immediately.

The beta version of Wildnet Technologies Complaints Application which is still undergoing trials will also generate reports that will show last activity on a customer complaint, log book for action taken and responsibilities assigned to levels of contact within the company. In case of action not being taken before a cut off time, an alert is escalated to the next level in the company. The Wildnet Complaints Application also provides an option to directly feed in remarks to customers rather than going through an email application.

Mr. Nitin Aggarwal, the CEO of Wildnet Technologies is very upbeat about the prospects. “Online reputation management is probably the most important thing that protects a company brand or product. We believe that Wildnet Technologies Complaints Application will be the best tool that gives a company complete control of its reputation management strategies through a single platform”, he noted, in his comments to a few technology review magazines.

He added that version 2.0 of Wildnet Complaints Application will also include social media integration and all owners of version 1.0 can freely upgrade to the latest version. Wildnet also plans to launch Wildnet Technologies Complaints App for tablets based on Apple’s ios5, Android and Blackberry Playbook’s BBX that was recently announced.

A few analysts noted that Wildnet Complaints Application has the potential to grab the market with features such as social media integration and apps for tablets. “Wildnet Technologies Complaints Application is the best reputation management tool I have seen so far with its integration to the existing communication infrastructure of a company”, a tech analyst observed after trying out the beta version.

With more people having access to the online resources, the Wildnet Complaints application is a must have investment for any organization that has a significant brand value.

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