SAN FRANCISCO, CA, FEBRUARY 17, 2011: Dr. Siegal and Son, creator of the famous COOKIE DIET®, has created a new calcium fortified cookie, CalciOs. Wholesalefund is proud to partner with Dr. Siegal and Son to get this new product into stores and sold to consumers.

Following the success of their COOKIE DIET®, Dr. Siegal and Son have expanded their product line to include healthy cookies. Their new product is called CalciOs, a vanilla cookie with 90% of the Daily Value of calcium per serving. With only 37 calories per serving, CalciOs are a healthy and smart snack that can help you manage not only your calorie intake, but also your calcium needs.

CalciOs’ target market is health conscious adults who are mindful of their daily vitamin needs. For more information on Calcios and how to get them into your store, contact us at Wholesalefund.


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Dr. Siegal and Son launch new cookie and distribute with help of Wholesalefund