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Equality organisation, the LGBT Network this week launched a search for Scottish board members. The LGBT Network, a UK charity, campaigns for equality and the celebration of diversity throughout Europe and is looking to set its roots firmly in Scotland.

The Network has recently petitioned the Scottish Parliament to lift the ban on healthy gay and bisexual men donating blood. The petition is being thoroughly considered by the Scottish Parliament, and an indication on how the matter will progress, is due in Mid March.

It takes All-sorts to make the world go round, we are all unique. The [LGBT] Network is looking to formally setup a board, to devise our priorities and strategies for moving forward and to set the Charity on the right path for the coming years.” Rob McDowall, Chair of the LGBT Network said.

If you’re gay, straight, male, female, black or white, green, blue or purple… we don’t mind. As long as you understand the issues affecting members of the LGBT community and you accept our aims and objectives.

Even if you have never been a board member before, as long as you possess common sense, good communication skills, are able to speak your mind and can exercise good judgment, we would love to hear from you!

To register your interest in joining the board, please visit or if you have any initial questions, please emai

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