UAE Is Enjoying Zombieland Even Before Movie Releases

UAE’s official site for movie Zombieland has kept people entertained and in the groove till the movie releases on the 3rd of December 09

Killing the zombies has never been this much fun for movie goers in UAE. The official Middle East site for Zombieland has indeed kept the fan crowd busy. This site offers much. ‘Kill the Zombie’ is the new game in vogue. People are at it zealously, as it also provides points that you can add onto Facebook.

But that’s not all… The people of UAE are also engaged in a quiz at full-swing. The quiz apparently concludes whether you know a zombie well or not. This quiz is quite interesting; it provides a different experience as it is unlike any other in all respects.

Some people in UAE are only interested in the facts and need some matter to decide whether the movie will be great to watch or not. Even if you wouldn’t want to take the quiz or play the game there is something in store for you. You can always read the synopsis and glance though the photos or even watch the Zombieland trailer. Descriptions of the 4 main characters can also be found at this site. is the official website designed for the movie Zombieland. It caters especially towards the UAE audience. The website provides a lot of information on this particular film. Through this site you can also win free tickets to Zombieland in UAE. The sites main interest is to inform people about the movie’s UAE release date: 3rd December, 2009.

For more information on this movie, visit:

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