Tour To Russia – Do Not Miss St Petersburg

Tour to Russia is like no other tour to a country with historical enlightenment, culture and charm. Russian tours often include a cruise on the Volga or Dnieper River to enjoy the breath-taking landscape.
Russia vacations are never complete without a Moscow tour and a visit to St.Petersburg Russia. On a tour to Russia, you would see the monuments and architecture of these cities that are reminiscent of the country’s intriguing history.
The Moscow tour is no doubt guided. The mysterious dual nature of the city is slowly unraveled during the Moscow tour.
When you travel to Moscow in summer you are at once attracted to the natural beauty of the Birch forest with their shady green and blue hue and the rivers flowing round the city. You can enjoy a ride in the best Metro system of the world when you travel to Moscow. Visit the stately Moscow state university located on a hill.
Your Moscow tour will invariably take you to a long delightful walk in the historical Moscow centre. Your Moscow tour would show you the impressively-illuminated fountains and river cruises.
If you take a Moscow tour in winter, you will be awestruck to see the Czarist-era buildings and impressive huge Soviet buildings. You can visit the hills overlook point – a popular place for tourists.
Russia vacations in winter are a different experience unlike any other in the West. People in Moscow do not hate the harsh winter, they accept it with zeal. If you take a Moscow tour in winter, you would find figure skating to be a prime winter art. Figure skaters go right into Parks and enjoy.
If you travel to Moscow in winter, you will find the stately Bolshoi Theater and popular Tchaikovsky concert hall packed to the brim. Adventurous listeners are drawn towards the Gelikon opera. You would feel your Moscow tour to be fully rewarded when you see the theatrical production even though you may not know the language.
During your tour to Russia, you would experience how times have changed in Russia, after more than a decade of political change in Russia; it would appear that a country has suddenly changed. You would feel Russia’s traditions of courteousness, enthusiasm, and pride in their heritage true to the spirit of Russia. Today, Russia is swarming with tourists and its standard of service significantly improved. You will directly experience these changes during your tour to Russia.
No tour to Russia is complete without visiting St.Petersburg Russia. Of the St. Petersburg Russia attractions, some are listed below.
• St Isaac’s Cathedral.
It is one of the most popular visiting spots of St Petersburg Russia. Its exquisite architecture, gold dome and decorations are awe-inspiring,
• Yusupov Palace.
Of the many St. Petersburg Russia monuments, this has more historical significance. In this palace murder of Rasputin took place.
• State Hermitage Museum and winter palace.
This is one of the best in the city. The museum houses nearly 3 million works of art.
• Pavlovsk Palace and Park.
One of the great parks and a palace which no St Petersburg Russia trip can miss.

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