The Vision Academy of Allentown, Pennsylvania, Jumps on the Green Bandwagon

The Vision Academy, a Paul Mitchell Partner School, has jumped on the “Green” Bandwagon and has started recycling at their school.

With student-run Green Teams we are trying to change actions and mind-sets from small actions to take in the office to larger strategic initiatives. These bold, unstoppable change makers are turning their schools, communities, and the world into a cleaner, better place by implementing recycling programs on their campuses.

Tips to Turning Your Salon, Spa, or School Green!

1.Find the best areas in your business for recycling bins. Different areas will require different types of bins.

2.Types of bins you may need:
* Glass bins
* Garbage bins
* Plastic bins: Place a bin in your dispensary or Color Bar for plastic bottles. (Rinse all bottles before recycling.)
* Paper bins: Which parts of your business use paper? (Example: offices.) Find an area in those rooms and place reusable and recyclable paper bins there.
* Hair bins: To recycle the hair that gets cut throughout the day, place recycling bins on your clinic floor and send the hair to an organization that recycles it (such as Matters of Trust).

3.Find local recycling centers that will refund for recyclables. If your business is a school, the money should be put back into student-run programs and school activities.

4.Create a 30-day action plan/calendar with specific assignments and deadlines for implementing recycling in your organization.

This isn’t the only great news that The Vision Academy is excited about! This cosmetology school is now taking applications for the Nail Academy which offers a state-required program for becoming a licensed skin therapist. This unique program brings a new depth of understanding and knowledge of classical professional techniques, such as international skin treatments, speed waxing, customized treatment protocols, skin analysis, ingredient technology, makeup techniques, and prescriptive retailing.

Classes start December 7th and are offered both daytime and evening hours. Enroll online, or schedule a tour to see our exciting atmosphere.

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