The Ford Law Firm

The Ford Law Firm, an Atlanta metropolitan area defense law firm, has launched a new web site. The new site, located at, is classic, elegant, and professional.

The Ford Law Firm is a boutique criminal defense law firm serving the metropolitan Atlanta area, clientele throughout the State of Georgia, as well as nationally. It is made up of savvy and experienced criminal defense lawyers who are dedicated and passionate about their chosen work: to protect and defend individuals who have been accused of serious crime. Unlike many law firms practicing criminal defense law, the Ford Law Firm has developed a unique philosophy in how individuals should be defended in today’s society when they are facing even the suspicions of law enforcement, much less dealing with being formally investigated or charged.

About theford

My name is Tom Ford with the Ford Law Firm, a Professional Corporation, which has solely focused on the field of Criminal Defense Law for close to 20 years in the Atlanta area. Due to my years of experience in criminal defense cases, I understand how the system works. We will develop a working relationship with the Prosecutor assigned to your case, with the goal of getting the best possible result for you.