The Exotica Offers Luxury Cottages At Dharamsala

Known as one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh and a home to Dalai Lama, Dharamsala is a small town that is highly studded with densely snowed mountains. It is one of the most popularly visited tourist destinations and thus welcomes tourist with plenty of hotels, luxury cottages and other sort of comfortable accommodations. With numerous historic pilgrimages and temples, Dharamsala offers the tourist with an ideal and spiritual journey to the region and thus all its accommodation facilities are no less than an oasis to peace and comfort. When we specifically talk about luxury camping, The Exotica, then it is an emerging tourism company that besides offering its customers with satisfactory traveling opportunities also creates newer destinations for people to rejuvenate at.
Luxury cottages in Dharamsala are confined with a sense of serenity and tranquility. All these ensure to offer guests with a soulful and peaceful ambiance. Mostly all of them overlook the lush Kangra Valley and just lie over the backdrop of Dhauladhar ranges. This is the reason why Dharmshala is considered no less than an ideal spot for a rejuvenating vacation in the lap of Mother Nature. As an addition when a trip to this beautifying place is supported by the first five star luxury providers in this area, The Exotica, then tourists here are welcomed to indulge themselves in a holiday that they have never dreamt of before.
Year by year the scope of tourism industry is expanding widely and with this, the need for unique five star camping facilities, is also becoming visible. Travelers these days always prefer to experience something adventurous and new and therefore The Exotica is the best camping industry that invites all adventure lovers to come and explore them completely. In Dharamsala, there exist plenty of resorts and hotels, but tourist here prefer more to live in tents because this way they get an altogether new experience. In earlier times, the camping arrangement in Dharamsala was traditional and monotonous and was entitled to let people stay in water proof tents only to enjoy few facilities. But with the luxury camping, The Exotica, there has emerged a new breath of fresh air, giving travelers a new era of camping. The Exotica offer travelers with amazing and surprisingly luxurious camping facilities allowing them to enjoy a superb holiday and that too without spending much on it.
This luxurious accommodating provider has been developed with totally new concepts of comfort and luxury. It offers tourist to live in a waterproof tent with a comfortable bed, rest room facility and everything else that is necessary to enjoy the beautiful surroundings with your family and loved ones. For more information visit here

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The exotica dharamshala offers luxury camping dharamshala surrounded by snow capped Dhauladhar ranges, picturesque ambience and a soulful silence in the exotica resorts dharamshala.