Tech Camps begin to fill the hole in the digital talent pipeline

Fire Tech Camp Logo

Fire Tech Camp Logo

London, 28 January 2013 … Fire Tech Camp launches this April as London’s first tech day camp for children 9-14 years old. Kids will be taught to build the types of applications that they love to play with: video games, mobile apps and robotics. Camps will run during term breaks and summer holidays, giving parents a much-needed alternative to expensive holidays and giving kids a set of skills that will benefit them long after camp is finished. This new tech-enabled generation may well include the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs and will lead to a more innovative and resilient economy.

Fire Tech Camp will be held at Imperial College in South Kensington and will last all day, 8.30 am to 6.00 pm, providing fun and constructive activities for children during term breaks with the first camp kicking off on the 8th of April. Each module consists of five sessions, allowing the children to work on guided projects, and original, independent projects with the support of our experienced teaching leaders and student instructors. Working with groups of 7-10 students, instructors recruited from Imperial and other top engineering and computer science programmes, will help the kids formulate their ideas, acquire the skills they need, and support the young people as they experiment, test and finalise their app, game or robot.

“My own kids went to a tech camp during a trip to the US last year. They couldn’t stop talking about it and wanted to keep working on their project even when camp was done. I looked for something similar here in the UK but not finding any I decided to launch one myself,” says Jill Hodges, CEO, and former hedge fund marketing executive. Research has shown that the longer the lag in technology adoption by a country, the lower the per capita income . “I have this great service for kids and for parents who are looking for constructive activities during term breaks and summer holidays – but we are also doing very important work in giving kids the Digital Literacy that’s so important for the future of the UK economy.”

The courses will use open source software wherever possible so that kids can keep polishing their projects and their tech skills after camp has finished. Parents are invited to see all of the final projects each Friday afternoon.

There are a few scholarships available to enthusiastic kids, in order to make this opportunity available to people from a wide range of economic circumstances. For more information on scholarships, email Fire Tech Camp needs sponsors in order to include as many people as possible – if you or your organisation would like to sponsor a seat, please email the same address,

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Interviews with Jill Hodges can be scheduled by calling her mobile: +44.7798.928.057. The Fire Tech Camp website has additional details, dates, and booking information:

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Fire Tech Camp Logo

Fire Tech Camp Logo

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