Team Tajikivan confirms entry in Roof of the World Rally (ROTW) 2010 and launches fundraising drive.

Team Tajikivan confirms entry in Roof of the World Rally (ROTW) 2010 and launches fundraising drive.

LONDON, UK January 11, 2010 – Roof of the World Rally veteran and co-organiser Joseph Taylor, today confirmed his team’s entry into the ROTW 2010 Charity Rally in aid of Sworde-Teppa. This year’s event will start from London on July 3rd and will arrive in Kurgan Tyube, Tajikistan on July 29th. The total route length is around 8000 miles, including negotiating the world’s second highest highway, The Pamir Highway.

Known as Tajikivan, the team will draw upon the resources of the Freecycle network, personal and corporate sponsorship to reach our fundraising target of £1000. All proceeds from the fundraising events will go to Sworde-Teppa, an international development organization specializing in sustainable development projects in Tajikistan.

Sworde-Teppa is a UK registered charity (UK reg. no. 1100598) staffed entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers that supports  local kindergartens, orphanages, schools, universities and the local community by implementing and supporting a diverse range of  projects around Tajikistan.

Team Tajikivan is led by Joseph Taylor (UK) an adventure enthusiast who successfully completed the 2009 rally. The British veteran will be joined by Kol Williams (USA) and Richard Bacon (UK) who are making their rally debuts, and rounding off the team’s talented line up.

While having an international flavour and diversity, Tajikivan will compete under the Union Jack, and will be one of up to 30 teams which are expected to enter the event. “What makes this team different is the fact that we are all strangers, a team bought together from adverts for team members on, gumtree and the thorn tree forums. Unlike other teams who are friends before the rally, the rally will make us friends,” says Joseph Taylor

“At present, although the team is small, just a couple of people, I am confident in our abilities. We are highly motivated and are putting in a lot of work in, which is vital to make this work. We also have a lot of interest from several people wanting to join the team which will strengthen it even further.”

Tajikivan has been working hard to pull together its sponsorship development, media relations, and management team. “I am certain that the team will be successful in meeting our fundraising objective of £1000, further to this we pledge to collect and transport equipment to Sworde Teppa in Kurgan Tyube,” he explained. “It is a pledge that is both practical and realistic, using the Freecycle network and personal and corporate sponsorship we are confident the team can achieve this. Sworde-Teppa does a lot of excellent work and need the supplies but they are unable to get what they need in Tajikistan.”

“After participating in the ROTW rally last year I loved the challenges it threw at my team Kernow Krew who were also strangers before the rally, and our Mondeo estate. After arriving in Tajikistan and staying with Sworde Teppa I made a lot of new friends and wanted to go back ever since.”

Roof of the World is the brain child of Sophie Willingale and Ryan Walker. Whilst on the Mongol Rally, a twist in faith led them to Tajikistan where they visited Sworde-Teppa.  The efforts made by Sworde-Teppa and its positive impact on the community witnessed by them changed their lives forever and has led to the annual Roof of the World Rally in support of this charity.

“The work that Sworde does is incredible and being able to help them whilst having a truly unique adventure is an amazing opportunity,” Joseph concludes.

Tajikivan is seeking individual and corporate sponsorship from companies who would like to be involved.

Tajikivan website; for further details.

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