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Research in virtual agent technology as it stands, according to Chatbots.org

The leading business and research community in humanlike conversational AI, Chatbots.org, has presented top 3 research achievements proving the exponential growth of intelligent virtual humans development in last two years. Humanlike artificial intelligence is continually developing, and independent research companies, such as Gartner and CCM Benchmark, have predicted a steep rise in adoption of virtual human applications in call centers, ... Read More »

Artificial Solutions joins Chatbots.org, the virtual human research & business community

Chatbots.org – Virtual assistants & virtual agentsChatbots.org, the industry accelerator of the virtual assistant industry, partners with Artificial Solutions, one of the largest developers of smart artificial intelligence solutions. For those unaware, virtual assistants are 3D humans fed by artificial intelligence. As humanlike avatars, they allow for intelligent automated conversations between people and companies across multiple channels including the web, ... Read More »

Humanlike conversational Artificial Intelligence Research revealed by Chatbots.org

A virtual human is an artificial avatar with conversational skills, able to hold conversations with human beings. It is the field of conversational artificial intelligence. Although the field of humanlike conversational AI is highly promising, it is also being kept unnecessarily slow, as information is hard to find, due to the wide variety of terminology used to address the very ... Read More »

Chatbots.org releases compilation of 130 different terms for ‘chat bot’

The leading business and research community in humanlike conversational artificial intelligence, Chatbots.org, has released a list of 130 different synonyms used to discuss chatbots, with the hopes of stimulating discussion to promote transparency within the industry. A chat bot is an animated character with artificial intelligence (AI), appearing on websites, in games or in smart phone apps, and which often ... Read More »