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Outdoors Heaven – Hello Kitty Jacket with Hoody!

That was really cold weekend, and sleeping outdoors in May is still little too early in a year, the nights are so freezing! Still, we survived, and had really nice early breakfast of bacon sandwich, yummers ;) I always have little problem when choosing right Jacket Hoody when staying outdoors. I know that wearing few layers is the best bet (and ... Read More »

How To Make Skinny Jeans Fit Your Style?

Ok, today I\\\’m so inspired by super skinny skinny jeans, baby zebra skinnies to be precise. I\\\’ve grabbed these babies few weeks ago, and honestly they work like magic every time. Don\\\’t want to repeat opinion old as the world that skinnies jeans are back, as we all know that. But difference is all in the design – material, colour, ... Read More »