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Future Facilities’Thermal Simulation Software Solves Cooling Problems Of Heat-Generating Electronics Components

Recent case study tells how new software shrank the size and cost of an LED lighting device. London, UK – January 24, 2011 — Future Facilities, the leading provider of thermal simulation software for critical facilities and electronics components, has released a case study showing that its new CFD software for electronics cooling design, 6SigmaET solves the problem of how ... Read More »

Future Facilities Announces New White Paper: The Benefits of Supply Air Temperature Control in the Data Center

Using the Virtual Facility to illustrate the point, David King demonstrates the considerable benefits of controlling air temperature on the supply of the air handler rather than the return. By doing so, temperatures being supplied to IT equipment are more predictable, offering the potential for raised water temperatures and reduced data center running costs. London, UK, November 18, 2010 — ... Read More »

Announcing Release 6 of 6SigmaDC: Future Facilities Simulation Software Maximises Data Centre Space, Power and Cooling Utilisation

6Sigma DC Release 6 enables better capacity planning and management of data centre space, power and cooling resources, through simulation, predictive modelling and real time view of the critical environment. London, UK, October 19, 2010 — Future Facilities breaks new ground with the introduction of Release 6 of its 6SigmaDC ( http://www.futurefacilities.com/software/6SigmaDCOverview.htm ) data centre design and operations software suite.  ... Read More »