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Florida Homes for sale, MLS listing with green homes

Florida Green Homes are capable of withstanding winds up to 200 mph. That makes them one of the safest structures in the world. Florida develops or green home builder for a real estate in last few years high growing rate. Florida is nicknamed the “Sunshine State” because of its generally warm climate—subtropical in the northern and central regions of the ... Read More »

Florida Green Homes LLC – Energy Efficient Homes in Florida

Florida Green Homes are one of the most Energy Efficient homes in Florida, capable of withstanding winds up to 200 mph. They are rated as “Superior Construction” by insurance companies which qualify our homes for substantially lower insurance premiums. All Florida Green Homes are independently certified by the Florida Green Building Coalition, Inc., as Certified GREEN HOMES, meeting the highest ... Read More »

Tips for eco-friendly Housing – Floridagreenhomes.us

Building in eco-friendly products into your home is becoming common and in fact some are becoming law for new buildings. Not only does it save the impact on the planet and the local environment but each household will save money over the long term that will more than pay for the eco changes. These eco-friendly tips involve insulation, solar power, ... Read More »