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Kettlebell Seminars Announces the 2011 Seminar Dates for the Level 1 Kettlebells Course

UNITED KINGDOM, London (December 2010) – Kettlebell Seminars announces the 2011 kettlebells course seminar dates. This announcement includes the locations for these seminars as well. The first available seminar dates for the Level 1 Kettlebells Seminar are the 5th and 6th of February, 2011. This first course of the 2011 year is being offered in Edinburgh. The next seminar dates ... Read More »

Kettlebell Seminars Announces Flat Rates On All Kettlebells

UNITED KINGDOM (December 2010) – Kettlebell Seminar announces flat rates on all kettlebells when ordering from their secure online website. There are many selections of kettlebells to choose from. Kettlebell Seminars hosts an online website which sells a wide variety of kettlebells. These kettlebells are listed as a flat rate on the website. This means no hidden charges exist unlike ... Read More »