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Ultimate Linings Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Ultimate Linings has been assessed by ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. and found to be in conformance with the requirements set forth by: ISO 9001:2008 The Quality Management System is applicable to: MARKETING, SALE AND DISTRIBUTION OF HIGH QUALITY POLYURETHANE, POLYUREA AND HYBRID PRODUCTS FOR VARIOUS INDUSTRIAL COATING REQUIREMENTS. Ultimate Linings has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certificate. This prestigious certificate ... Read More »

Highly Accurate Digital Insulation Resistance Tester

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments (www.GAOInstruments.com) has released a digital insulation resistance tester which accurately measures insulation integrity on all kinds of electric equipment such as transformers, electro-motors, cables, switches and other wiring. The intelligent digital device predicts, prevents and identifies insulation failures that may cause appliance failure, stop production and create power problems or even put lives at risk. ... Read More »

Key Features About Polystyrene Insulation

A high performance polystyrene insulation board which provides an insulated storage deck in your loft. This energy saving product prevents heat loss through the roof of your home. Space Board provides a solid storage deck, making it ideal in combination with Space Blanket or Space Combi-Roll. Read More »