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LDN 2013 Conference – Chicago Oct 5th

LDN Conference 2013 – Chicago Date: October 5th 2013 Time: 8.30 Registration, 9am – 5pm Place: Harper College, Palatine Illinois US Cost: $80 per head which includes: the conference, lunch, refreshments and Friday Night Networking Party. Early booking is advised to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited. The conference reviews, compares and contrasts the most recent data and treatments for ... Read More »

ReportsnReports: HIV/AIDS Therapeutics Market to 2017 – Superior Combination Therapies and Decreasing Mortality to Sustain Market Growth Despite Major Patent Expiries

  Report Summary GBI Research, the leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research, “HIV/AIDS Therapeutics Market to 2017 – Superior Combination Therapies and Decreasing Mortality to Sustain Market Growth Despite Major Patent Expiries”. It provides in-depth analysis of the unmet needs, drivers and barriers that affect the global HIV therapeutics market. The report analyzes the markets for HIV/AIDS ... Read More »

HIV Eradication Research – Is a Cure Close?

Although a cure is not yet within reach, experts are optimistic that they will unlock the secret to eradicating HIV with in the near future. Toulon, France, October 01, 2011 — Although great strides have been made in the area of HIV eradication research, some experts still estimate that as much as 70% of the individuals infected with HIV are ... Read More »

Advances in HIV/AIDS Cure

The prospects for a cure now look brighter because of technological and medical advances. Toulon, France, September 26, 2011 — To this day, the "Berlin Patient" is believed to be the only person to ever be cured of HIV, and that cure was basically stumbled upon-a cure by serendipity, if you will. What was originally a transplant to treat HIV-related ... Read More »

New Ways for Purging the HIV Reservoir

A number of different methods are being looked at to deal with the HIV reservoirs, and the majority of the most recent clinical trials are studying the effectiveness of HDAC inhibitors. Toulon, France, September 16, 2011 — Normally, after antiretroviral therapy (ART) is stopped, the suppressed HIV dwelling inside HIV-positive people reemerge from their dormant state and come alive, quickly ... Read More »

The Journey Towards an HIV Cure Has Already Started

The time between now and the day when a cure for HIV is found is rapidly decreasing. What didn't seem possible a generation ago is now within striking distance. At this point, it's not a matter of if an HIV cure will be found, but when. Toulon, France, September 11, 2011 — The time between now and the day when ... Read More »

North Star Alliance and G4S use Cricket to Raise Awareness about HIV

  Blantyre, Malawi – On 26-27 August, North Star Alliance and global security services company G4S teamed up to conduct cricket clinics with young people focused on raising awareness about sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV in Malawi, and about North Star Alliance’s local roadside health clinic. The event was hosted by Mpumelelo “Pommie” Mbangwa, a former cricketer with the ... Read More »

Approaches to HIV Eradication

The various approaches to HIV eradication all address a problem, and that problem is the HIV reservoir. HIV reservoirs have been called the last hiding place for HIV within the body. The final step toward finding a cure against HIV lies in dealing with HIV reservoirs. Toulon, France, August 30, 2011 – What can be done about HIV eradication? The ... Read More »

Clues to HIV Persistence on ART

Recent research has found that while antiretroviral therapy (ART) is effective at significantly reducing the number of plasma-to-T-cell transmissions of HIV, it's not as effective against T-cell-to-T-cell. The remaining virus hides in infected T-cells, which allows it to easily be passed on to non-infected ones; this, in fact, is one of the reasons why HIV persists through ART. Toulon, France, ... Read More »

HIV Eradication Now and Then – Time to Take Action Toward an HIV Cure

With a combined effort and continued research the goal of ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic seems more in reach when comparing HIV Eradication Now and Then. It will take an ongoing combined effort, but with continued research a cure could be near. Toulon, France (August 20, 2011) — When HIV/AIDS first began infecting people the likelihood of a cure seemed out ... Read More »