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How to use your garage with Bernards Bins

Gone are the days when garages were just for cars. Nowadays, everything from toys to exercise equipment gets stored there, along with everything from our houses we don’t want anymore. But it is a bad move to use it as a dumping ground. Used correctly, garage storage can free up space in your home. It can still be used as ... Read More »

Health & Safety at Bernard’s Bins

Complying with health and safety rules can seem tedious at times. But with thousands of accidents still being recorded every year, you can’t afford to flout them. Often, falls and slips can be a result of poor storage standards. With a little bit of attention and the right storage solutions, they can be easily prevented. Having the right warehouse shelving ... Read More »

Go for the modern look with Chrome Shelving

When we want to give our homes a touch of improvement without an enormous budget, it’s difficult to know where to start. Having the money for a complete renovation would be fantastic, but it is a dream for most of us. Happily the reality is that a few small touches can make all the difference. And you don’t need to ... Read More »

Andrea Caccese – Icarus Falling / Set the world on fire (debut ep)

Intimate lo-fi production, acoustic guitars and ghostly feedbacks  are the echoes that drive Andrea Caccese’s debut, “Icarus Falling / Set the world on fire”. This ep features 4 tracks that come from different sessions; recorded in apartments, hotel rooms, trains and airports during Andrea’s travels all over Europe in late 2010 and in his new hometown, Västerås  (Sweden) in early ... Read More »