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Dashcom Invades ICANN’s Dotcom Universe. The Domain Name Monopoly is Broken?

Innovative Dashcom domain names are now being added to the Internet, helping to neutralise ICANN's long standing monopoly.  Dashcoms domains and gTLDs are completely free for Internet users globally and creating these new web addresses couldn't be easier. Simply pick any two words in any language and unite them with a dash. For example, take "business" and "com" to create business-com.  Try "jazz" and ... Read More »

ISPs May Now Offer Internet Users Instant Resolution of New Dashcom Domain Names

Internet Service Providers may now provide instant resolution of brand new Dashcom Domains in just the same way as the Dotcoms. Dashcom DomainNames are brand new Web addresses like sports-com, stock-market and paris-fashion  (and even with Facebook emoticons like ♫♫-♫♫). Totally outside the realm and control of ICANN, anyone can create any domain or TLD in any language, totally free. ... Read More »

Domain Names With Facebook Symbols and Emoticons

Create amazing Internet addresses with Emoticons: a new option available free from a company called Dashworlds.com. Looking for something different to stand out from the crowd? Internet users are now skirting round ICANN to create their own unique and memorable range of new Dashcom (not Dotcom) Domains and TLDs, absolutely free. There are new ways to make the most of ... Read More »

New High Speed Corridors Open Next Dimension Internet. New Webspace & DASHCOM Domain Names Released

Access brand new Internet Worlds today. Register previously unheard of domain names such as “business-com” and “music-net” to connect to a whole new Universe. The race to own the most memorable websites has already begun. For anyone who felt all the valuable “COM” domains were long gone, as from today, you’ll find them all available again. The addition of a ... Read More »