Supplement Centre backs Bren Powers for Fylde Coast strongest man

Lancashire, UK ( ) November 25, 2009 – Could Bren Powers ( be the Fylde Coast strongest man, The Blackpool electrician packs a busy schedule into his gruelling day and still finds the time for the protein.

To those outside the world of strongman Bren may not be a household name right now but that could all be set to change. Bren ( weighs in at an almighty 20 stone of muscle achieved through a hard to believe training schedule.

As ambitions go, becoming a professional Ironman would not be on the top of everyone’s agenda but if your childhood dream was inspired from watching hours of strongman as a child then it’s a safe bet for some.

While the self employed spark is no child himself at 36 his ambition is still as large as his muscles. Starting his dream late in 2008 he has since thrown himself at every competition challenge that he could find and experience he has achieved has set him up to become a professional powerhouse entering the qualifiers for the UK’s Strongest man next year.

A regular to UK strongman events already Bren ( is competing in events such as truck pulling and giant tyre flipping. Events he watched being filmed in 2007 in California when he first become serious, making friends with the competitors.

Even Brens girlfriend Lisa is backing him all the way and has become the driving force behind his ambition.


Michael Smythe
Supplement Centre
Unit K3, Snowdon Road,
St Annes,


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