South Florida Based Firm Bsidestudios Gives Back

Bsidestudios, a Fort Lauderdale-based web and graphic design firm specializing in Drupal Web Design, has been operating for over six years in South Florida, satisfying hundreds of customers, and now they are giving back to the Drupal community which has fostered much of their success through their framework.

Contributing man-hours, most notably, to creating patches and modules for use across the user-base of Drupal, Bsidestudios has quantifiably, and qualitatively contributed to the future of this open-source framework used by thousands of developers world-wide. In application of these contributions, Bsidestudios has contributed immeasurably in the spirit of Drupal-development.

Bsidestudios is active in the open source and communications community, aspiring to help those who aim to have their voice heard online. Bsidestudios is planning to launch a Drupal-based website that caters to organizations in Fort Lauderdale. The new website will offer free features that can be downloaded by anybody interested in Drupal Web Design. The website will also include step-by-step tutorials, guides offering advice on how to proceed with various techniques for the desired project feature, and their outcomes on a Drupal website. The features available for download include, but are certainly not limited to press areas, appealing galleries for displaying images, specialized contact forms, CRM features such as member listings, contact functionality, and so much more. These features will advance and stimulate the promotion growth among organizations with noble goals but are limited by modest budgets.

Bsidestudios has used these tools developed for, and by other Drupal developers, to advance public causes. Notably, during the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. During the ongoing coverage and investigation of the oil spill, Bsidestudios collaborated with social researchers at UF to develop a portal that contained dynamic sets of information and data visualization to help visitors, researchers, and other members of the public better understand the dynamics, and implications of the situation at hand through live video feeds, counters and interactive maps updated with real time data, live news and twitter feeds. Thanks to this development community, through the contributions of Bsidestudios and other developers, the page was a great success and the organization is planning to collaborate with Bsidestudios again to continue informing the public of developments during the forthcoming presidential election in 2012. is a Web Design firm Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It consists of a team of well seasoned web developers, graphic designers, writers and multimedia specialists that have extensive experience in their respective fields. They strive to create websites that go beyond words.


About bsidestudios

Times change and ideas become commonplace, 5 years ago you could hardly begin to fathom a content management system that you would trust with the well being of your business.