Show Me Snow Geese Introduces The Golden Triangle Duck Club

St. Louis, MO ( May 30, 2011 – Show Me Snow Geese offers professional guided and unguided goose and duck hunts in Missouri, and is now pleased to present the newest private hunting property – The Golden Triangle Duck Club. The Golden Triangle Duck Club is located near Grand Pass Missouri Conservation Refuge in North Central Missouri, and is well situated in the famed Golden Triangle of Missouri. It also possess staggering numbers of migrating waterfowl each and every year.

The Golden Triangle area was named so by waterfowl hunters due to the enormous number of ducks and geese featured there each season. This triangular region contains a number of essential waterfowl areas such as: Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Fountain Grove Conservation Area, Grand Pass Conservation Area, The Dalton Cutoff, and Missouri River. The Golden Triangle plays host an astonishing 150,000 to 215,000 ducks each season.

Show Me Snow Geese is a family owned and operated company that began in Missouri and continues to operate there as Missouri is the top destination in the United States for world class goose and duck hunting. They own and operate prime hunting properties in North Central Missouri, South East Missouri, and in North West Missouri where you can come and enjoy quality guided or unguided goose and duck hunts. Every year Show Me Snow Geese adds new lands and improves on their current ones, ensuring that you have nothing less than an enjoyable hunting experience.

When you plan a hunting trip with Show Me Snow Geese you won’t be disappointed. Nick with HuntorDie.Com wrote of his experience, quote “Again thanks for the opportunity to experience NW MO. I have spread the word about the great time we had and hope to bring a group up there to hunt with you guys next year.” And Louie Shafer wrote, quote “Hi John. Great to meet you this week, and had a great time hunting. I searched for you and ShowMeSnowGeese.Com on Facebook. Please add me to your email list. I hope to hunt with you again.”

Whether you are seeking an unguided duck hunting trip in the rice fields of South East Missouri, a spring snow goose hunt in North West Missouri, or a guided duck and goose hunt at the new Golden Triangle Duck Club in North Central Missouri, Show Me Snow Geese has your needs covered.

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Every year we are adding new lands and improving on our current properties, this year we will be renovating our newest waterfowl hunting property that sits near Grand Pass conservation area. This new area is called the GOLDEN TRIANGLE DUCK CLUB