Shouting in the streets of London

Making a noise on the capital’s streets isn’t a new phenomena. And for a silent mode of transport,cycle-rickshaws also known as pedicabs have certainly made one of the biggest noises to date.

Based at Clipstone Mews in the busy West End, London Rickshaw Media has much to shout about.

With over 80 vehicles in their fleet, this ecologically friendly, company, that offers outdoor advertising and transportation services in Central London, have hit the ground running with the launch of a website and New-Media suite.

Company Director, Bilal Bas says “we aim to engage with our clients, like our riders do with their passengers, allowing us better scope for understanding their advertising needs, online tools will make planning an outdoor event or ad-campaign much easier”.

Expansion is the key word for the company, with the recent employment of a new-media specialist,and the addition of several newly trained riders. Mr Bas continued, “We are a growing business, and itt’s important for us to know that we understand the market as well as our clients requirements” .

London Rickshaw Media’s pedicabs operate in the heart of central London, providing a fun, safe,and convenient mode of transportation throughout the West End, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The high visibility and frequency of rickshaws offers an effective medium for brand-building for high-impact advertisers such as Yahoo and Peugeot. Fully branded rickshaws were used by both companies to raise their profile by providing transportation to and from a conference and motor show held in the Capital.

Love them or not, rickshaw pedicabs can create a unique experiential encounter. One local passenger claimed “Pedicabs just scream out at you, look-at-me, everyone loves them”.

To get in contact with London Rickshaw Media call 0800 824 72 71 or email to:

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Bilal Bas
London, New York 10125
United Kingdom
phone: 07758000282

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