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What can SAP Rankings do for my company?

Your company, like most others, probably has a wide variety of SAP
consulting needs.  In the past, you have most likely met those needs by
engaging anSAP consultant through a staffing company or an SAP consulting company.

This approach has almost certainly cost you TIME, MONEY, and
QUALITY.  SAP Rankings ( can – and will – help you
improve your bottom line in all of these areas.Discover exactly what SAP
Rankings is and what it can do for your company.

How exactly have I lost TIME, MONEY, and QUALITY?

First of all, your company’s budget is not infinite, and it is likely
your SAP consultingbudget is limited.  So, you are starting off with
less money than you would like in the first place.You then turn around
and spend this money on MIDDLEMEN – the staffing companies –who then
find you your consultant – who also needs to get paid.  So you are
spending moneyjust to be able to spend some more!  You are also waiting
around for the staffing companyto find you an appropriate candidate. 
What is worse, that candidate may not even bequalified or experienced
enough to handle the job – and even if he is, you may find hisrates to
be totally overpriced.

How can SAP Rankings help me?

SAP Rankings is an online database of confirmed and categorized SAP consultants,
includinginformation such as billing rates, experience ratings,
resumes, availability dates, and more.Using SAP Rankings allows you to
go directly to the consultants, without having toemploy a staffing
company.  You will save TIME and MONEY, as well as get the
highestQUALITY for your dollar.

What do you mean by QUALITY?  How do I know the consultants are just as good as the ones I normally hire?

They might actually be better!  SAP Rankings’ independent
verification of SAPconsultant’s credentials provides companies with an
honest assessment of consultantqualifications.  This vetting process is
typically not performed by a staffing company.  Inthe event a staffing
company does find some negative information about the consultant(e.g.
leaves project early, poor social skills, etc.), this may not be
communicated to thehiring company, as the staffing company wants to make
their candidate look as good aspossible and not lose the placement

In addition, authentic relationships between a consultant and a
company are not often foundwhen a staffing company is acting as the
middleman.  There is frequently a “disconnect”between consultant and
company, which can result in misunderstandings and a lack ofefficiency
on such things as contract timelines, invoice payments, and performance
issues.As a result, staffed consultants become upset or discouraged, and
the work the companyreceives often suffers, as well.

When a SAP consultant and a company work together, directly, not only
are issues solved faster,the foundation for a long-term professional
relationship is laid, in which both consultantand company benefit from
open communication and increased trust.  This means a happierconsultant –
and better service for the company.

Okay, so I know I can find quality consultants online without the
middleman.  How does SAP Rankings save me TIME in this process?

First of all, SAP Rankings only targets SAP consultants, unlike
companies such asMonster, DICE, or HotJobs.  You won’t have to wade
through resumes that are notapplicable, like all the Oracle, Microsoft,
and Java resumes you’ll find on these sites.  Ourdatabase is targeted,
validated, and comprehensive, with direct access to profiles andresumes -
which means that you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for.  You won’t
spendyour valuable hours and days reviewing resumes that were thrown
over the fence to you bystaffing companies that didn’t take the time to
understand what you were asking for.Plus, SAP Rankings is a web
application, which means you don’t have to spend timeinstalling
software.  It is also intuitive and easy to navigate, saving you
additional minutesand hours out of your day.  With SAP Rankings you find
the best consultant possible, inthe least amount of time possible –

I’d also like to save the most MONEY possible.  What does SAP Rankings do forme?

25% of your SAP consulting costs go to the staffing company, which
keeps thiscommission in exchange for providing the connection between
the consultant and thecompany.  This is already a hefty “cut,” but it is
made worse by the fact that sometimesthere are multiple staffing
companies involved (known as “layers”), who each take a pieceof the fees
before the consultant gets paid.  In these cases, as much as 50% of
yourconsulting dollars may end up in the hands of the staffing
companies.  The chart belowillustrates the breakdown of what you might
be spending per hour – you can see that thestaffing companies (in red)
take a huge chunk of what you’re paying.

SAP Rankings reduces, by an enormous amount, your costs associated
with finding an SAPconsultant.  There is no commissions, no “cuts,” no
watching 25% of your consulting dollars disappear into thepockets of
inefficient staffing companies.

So, how do I know if SAP Rankings will really save me MONEY (and TIME andQUALITY)?

Assume, that your company’s annual consulting budget is $200,000. 
This means, if wetake the 25% minimum commission charged by staffing
companies (and remembering it isoften more), your “wasted” budget is
$50,000 (25% of $200,000).  And, don’t forget to factor in the man-hours
that you will save by having a moreefficient way to look for
consultants – consultants who are guaranteed to have the qualityand
training you need to get the job done.

If you want your SAP consulting budget to deliver more business
functionality for lessmoney (“more bang for your buck”), the clear
choice is to use SAP Rankings.  There is noreason to continue using
inefficient, and potentially incompetent staffing and
consultingcompanies.  Find your SAP consultants in less TIME, save MONEY
doing so, and get the bestQUALITY around.  Use SAP Rankings.

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