Royal Northern College of Music invests in Quasar Anytime e-videos

The Royal Northern College of Music is one of the first organisations to use Quasar’s ‘Anytime’ e-video learning materials to provide practical, on-going advice and guidance for those using Microsoft Office 2010.

Covering Microsoft Office 2010, Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office 2007, Quasar’s Anytime e-videos are intended for organisations which want to gain the maximum benefit in terms of worker efficiency and effectiveness following an upgrade of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. They are also available to individuals who want to improve their Microsoft Office skills.


Dave Long, Head of IT at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) in Manchester, explained: “We had been using Microsoft Office 2003 and wanted to upgrade directly to Office 2010 and by-pass Office 2007. Instituting the software upgrade was fairly straightforward but the changes from the users’ point of view were too significant to ignore.


“We had to ensure that our support and administrative staff as well as about 150 or so full-time and part-time tutors were able to make the best use of it. So we decided to invest in some high quality on-demand training materials for them to help them through the transitional period.


“We had made use of Quasar’s IT training courses in the past and so, when we learnt that Quasar was bringing out this series of e-videos to assist people to use Office 2010 effectively it made economic sense to sign up for some annual licences,” he continued.


RNCM staff and tutors began accessing these e-videos in May this year and they are now using the materials regularly. This suggests that the e-videos are supplying the sort of information that their users want.


Dave Long said: “Using Anytime is the most pragmatic and effective way that we could find of dealing with the upgrade without interrupting staff work schedules.


“Our tutors and administrative staff can pick the bits they want to learn as and when they need them, at their desk, say, in ten minutes over a lunch break, without having to invest time in a day’s or a week’s conversion course. This makes the training highly convenient and cost-effective – and, given the overall price of the Anytime licences, made it an easy purchasing decision for us.”


Anytime uses hundreds of short e-videos that have been specially designed to maintain the important balance of the audio, visual and kinaesthetic elements which are necessary in any successful learning process. One of the system’s benefits is that users can watch, pause, rewind and replay the videos as many times as they like on a PC, laptop, mobile phone or mobile device – as long as there is an internet connection.


Central to the system is ‘My Anytime’ – a personal and customisable online portal to each user’s learning programme which shows what e-videos are available, what’s been done and what everybody else is doing.



About the Royal Northern College of Music


The youngest of the five British Royal schools of music, with some 650 students, the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) was formed in 1973 from the marriage of Royal Manchester College of Music (which dates to 1893) and the Northern School of Music (founded in 1920).


The RNCM received degree-awarding powers in early 2007 and runs a BMus (Hons) course. There is also a joint course run in conjunction with the University of Manchester, designed for those with outstanding academic as well as practical ability. It is the only music conservatoire in the country to be awarded the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, housed in the Oxford Road wing. This includes a Centre for Young Musicians and opportunities for continuing professional development. Up-to-date facilities including professionally staffed opera theatre, concert hall, studio theatre, recital room, lecture theatre and practice rooms.

About Quasar

Quasar is a training company that specialises in delivering end user IT training, along with customer services training. Early in 2011, it launched Anytime: a wide range of ‘e-videos’ delivering e-learning on the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 suites of products to businesses and individuals.


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