Roberto Coin’s Golden Table Now Available In Dubai

Famous Italian jeweler Roberto Coin has made his debut into the world of interior design with an extraordinary Golden Table. This table that has received Roberto Coin’s Midas touch is made out of stainless steel and wood and is coated in a thick layer of 24 karat gold.

The gold has been applied on the special table by hand so it is not merely gold plating. This hand applied layer gives the table a lustrous and deeper shade of gold that would otherwise not be possible.

The table top resembles a giant gold coin held up by four curved planks held together at the center creating a reinterpretation of the tulip. It looks fit for royalty and it features the hidden ruby inlay that is the signature of all Roberto Coin products. This Golden Table is a fabulous piece of furniture and is being lapped up by collectors as a precious piece of art. Developed in limited edition for the select few – just one unit is available on display in Wafi Mall Dubai.

Founded in 1977 in Vicenza – the city of Gold – Roberto Coin jewellery bears the name of its founder. Initially the company designed and produced fine jewellery for prestigious international brands. In 1996, the Roberto Coin brand was launched and achieved rapid and extraordinary success becoming a recognized case history in the jewellery industry.

Roberto Coin jewellery has a distinctive identity as it stands out for the subtle and artistic use of the ruby. Indeed all Roberto Coin jewellery is signed off by setting a small ruby on the inside in a discrete position allowing direct contact with the skin. According to an ancient Egyptian belief, wearing a ruby close to the skin promotes a long and healthy life. This is the Roberto Coin personal wish to every woman who wears and loves his creations.


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