Research Confirms Best-in-Class Manufacturers Leverage Enterprise Approach to Quality Management

LONG BEACH, CA – September 23, 2009)/ – Apriso®, a leading provider of adaptive software solutions for global Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), today announced new industry research confirms that the top quality issues faced by global manufacturers, including costly and inconsistent quality management and execution, are best addressed by taking an architectural or enterprise platform approach to quality processes.

According to AberdeenGroup’s recent findings, utilizing a solution that standardizes and shares best-practice operating procedures for quality across all manufacturing operations enables real-time visibility and control for best-in-class quality performance. Best-in-Class manufacturers are over twice as likely as Laggards to have established real-time interoperability between their ERP and MOM systems. Download a free copy of this research at:

“Manufacturers should focus on standardizing responses to adverse events across their manufacturing operations on a global scale to continuously improve quality for the lowest total cost,” explained Matthew Littlefield, senior manufacturing research analyst at AberdeenGroup. “Utilizing vendor solutions – such as those provided by Apriso – to embed your manufacturing operations with quality improvement processes lets you quickly access operational data and perform real-time root cause analyses to immediately understand the source and cause of adverse events, thereby remedying the situation at the lowest possible cost.”

The report also cites an increased investment by Best-in-Class manufacturers in Manufacturing Operations Management solutions, especially those with embedded capabilities to perform enterprise quality management across all manufacturing operations, resulting in higher Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), on-time and complete shipments, and regulatory compliance for a reduced cost of quality.

“The goal of improving quality while reducing costs often represents a dichotomy for our global manufacturing clients,” commented Jim Henderson, president and CEO of Apriso. “By deploying Apriso as a combined manufacturing operations and quality management solution, our customers are improving their bottom line while improving quality as an embedded process within their manufacturing operations.”

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