Pete Burns of Dead Or Alive Releases Solo Single

London, UK, September 8, 2010 – The moment that Dead Or Alive singer and reality TV star Pete Burns announced on his official site that his new single, “Never Marry an Icon”, will soon appear in digital music stores worldwide, millions of eager fans began counting the days. Their wait is over.

Burns, whose song “You Spin Me Round” has been a dance music cornerstone since its 1984 release, is a music icon notorious for his flamboyant appearance, powerful vocal delivery, and penchant for making mincemeat out of society’s sacred cows. In this new track, he takes on a hot issue that’s fuelling the tabloids and gossip sites: celebrity relationships, which can be both a stairway to heaven and highway to hell for all concerned.

Never marry an icon / to get famous,” the lyrics chide. “Never marry an icon / they’re outrageous. Never marry an icon /rebel rebel to the core. Never marry an icon / cos they’re always wanting more.

Co-written with Adam Karayiannis and Kyle Mackenzie of Dirty Disco fame, “Never Marry an Icon” is a hard-hitting and propulsive track, with thriving dance beats and synthesizer riffs swirling around Pete’s distinctive vocals.

When he leavens the lyrics with his rebellious humor, the result is a tough, aggressive record that will take no prisoners on the dance floor.

The track is being released via Bristar Records, a rapidly evolving digital label owned by Steve Coy, Pete’s manager and long-time Dead Or Alive bandmate. Steve, who has been a driving force behind the biggest Pete Burns / Dead Or Alive successes to date, recently confirmed that “Never Marry An Icon” will be available on iTunes and other major online music stores (Amazon MP3, Nokia, e-Music, Napster).

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