Outdoors Heaven – Hello Kitty Jacket with Hoody!

That was really cold weekend, and sleeping outdoors in May is still little too early in a year, the nights are so freezing! Still, we survived, and had really nice early breakfast of bacon sandwich, yummers ;) I always have little problem when choosing right Jacket Hoody when staying outdoors. I know that wearing few layers is the best bet (and having few blankets and sleeping bag can do no harm too)! I found my new Darkside \’Hello Kitty\’ Black Hoodie Jacket is the best when it comes to keeping warm. Thick fleece lining, long fitted sleeves, high neck and deliciously longer length is just ideal for any cooler days. I picked size bigger, so this Jacket and Hoodie can be worn over few underlayers, like jumper and cardigan – lush! You\\\’ll find these Hello Kitty Black and White Tops to be made from top quality thick material, with deep hoods and comfy pockets, and I\\\’m always big fan of high neck, their so much for flattering on white jacket than standard low neck!

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