O’Neil Software Website Redesign


O’Neil Software Redesigns Website

Keeping Content Fresh, Easier to Navigate And More Responsive to Visitors’ Needs

Irvine, California — Why are Hollywood stars never seen in the same attire every time they walk the red carpet? Why don’t individuals wear the same outfit to a party every time? The obvious answer is that people like to keep their appearance new, exciting and different, as well as be amongst those in the current trend.

Similarly, corporate website redesign is as important as its original creation. With time, the entire look feel and concept of a website can become dated and monotonous. What is “in” today becomes obsolete tomorrow. So nowadays, simply having a website for your business is not good enough. If neglected, it’ll provide little benefit in return.

O’Neil Software, The First Choice of Record Centers Worldwide, understands that the success of their website relies a great deal on the amount of attention and maintenance they put into it, which is why the company redesigns it regularly.

“Not long ago, websites were created to ensure that companies had some type of representation online,” notes David Holt, Chief Executive Officer of O’Neil Software. “However, in this fast-paced world, web design, digital Marketing and web development are changing almost daily. O’Neil Software feels that a routine website redesign is just as important as designing a website itself, so it changes with the times and stays fresh, as well as easy to navigate,” he adds. “Consistently accurate and up-to-date information promotes customers’ trust in who they’re dealing with. It’s a visible confirmation of a proactive company, one that is aware and changing with the world around it. And who, in all probability, will do the same with its customers.”

So What’s New?

Because a good web design is an online storefront to the world for your business, a primary goal of O’Neil’s redesigned website is to keep it looking fresh, contemporary and attractive, as well as give visitors reasons to want to come back.

So armed with more than 12 months of Google Analytics™ data, the company was able to identify which pages were visited the most and what information customers needed. As a result, their new website design is focused on getting visitors the data or support they need much more quickly.

New large “buttons” on the home page are colorful and eye-catching, as well as give a Microsoft® Windows 8 “metro” feel, while making navigation quicker and easier.

Additionally, as more people visit websites from smartphones and tablets, it’s important to O’Neil that their website can adapt accordingly. The new design of oneilsoft.com automatically adjusts itself based on the device, screen resolution and orientation  (landscape or portrait). This “responsive design” means that any person can now get the information they need from anywhere, using whatever device they want, being truly mobile.

About O’Neil Software

Scan. Store. Manage. Deliver.™ For over 30 years, O’Neil has been the software and hardware solutioneers™ for over 1,000 facilities in more than 80 countries, ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals.

Regional coverage includes the Americas; Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA); and Asia Pacific (APAC).

You can learn more about O’Neil Software by visiting their website at www.oneilsoft.com.

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