One Third of Americans with Tattoos feel Themselves Sexier

With millions of people having hot interest in getting tattooed, tattoo industry rocks worldwide! That, Tattoos are recently a much discussed form of body art. More people are getting tattooed to let their personality be talky! Reasons for getting tattooed can be as many as the people themselves. Many surveys and polls like Harris Poll  has proved that tattoos are now to be taken as symbol of leading personality living in the latest trend with more creative art on their body and moreover it makes themselves to feel sexier!

In the United States alone, an estimated 16% of the population has one or more tattoos – which equals 48 million people. There are over 20,000 tattoo parlors in the United States as well, which is a testament to how popular tattoos are! 

The online survey within the United States shows among those with tattoos, 34 percent said they felt sexier, especially women, while 29 percent professed to feeling more rebellious. 5 percent even claimed that tattoos made them feel more intelligent or, in 3 percent of cases, more athletic and strong.


Before decades women were not to be taken attractive with tattoos on their body. Of course, this has changed for 360 degree over the years.  Now, tattoos on women are more culturally acceptable than they were a few decades ago.  More men think tattoos are attractive on women than ever before.  Artists at Tiger Moon Tattoo see it all the time: women feel hotter after getting tattoos. Jerimiah Odom says, "We can tell. It's just a confidence thing. It's the way they're carrying themselves.”


Like good marriage, a tattoo is forever…So, be careful of choosing the artist, design and also the theme of tattoo on your body that leads your personality for the rest of your life.


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