New Digital Camera and Equipment Comparison from a pro, to the photography world.

A brand new digital camera and equipment comparison website has been launched by a professional photo editor, to give amateur and professional photographers the lowest prices around.

We all know that photography equipment is not cheap for a professional, or an amateur. You can easily spend thousands of pounds getting the right equipment you need. ImageBank have given all photographers a little helping hand by finding the essential products you will, and finding them at reasonable prices.

ImageBank, run by James Iles a professional photo editor, uses a feed system sent from reputable companies to the ImageBank website. Overall, there are
almost 20,000 products available to search through on the site. Including Digital Cameras, Printers, Ink cartridges, Digital Photo Frames, Software, and

“We have listed most of the products that a professional, or amateur photographer would need to succeed with their business or hobby. All product feeds
were checked by me before being allowed on the website, so that they included what I know that any photography enthusiast needs.” said James Iles, site owner.

Anyone can log onto the site, and find what photography related products they are looking for, whether it’s cheap digital camera comparison, equipment comparison,
computer comparison, or software comparison.

The website has been officially launched on January 27th 2010, and it includes no adverts, so users can find exactly what they want, quickly. is a digital photography comparison website, owned by James Iles, who also offers Professional Digital Retouching Services.

Contact Info:

James Iles
Phone: 07979 745321

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