Multiple Award Winner Now Introduces a Range of Wine Cabinets with Perfect Conditioning

 Attractive cabinetry, high quality metal or wood pullout shelving, design that accommodates bottles of almost all sizes, modern locking system are amongst the secondary features of the exceptionally designed wine cabinets from Liebherr cooler and freezers. The primary feature of this cabinet though is the advanced temperature control systems that render perfect conditioning to the wines.

Wine storage systems in the form of wine fridge and wine cabinets have an important role to play whether the purpose is residential or commercial. For immediate storage purposes like for parties or festive occasions, you do not even bother having the perfect conditioning for the wines in the form of professionally built wine cabinets. However, what is a wine if it is not preserved to be aged and savored on a later period for its immaculate effect on our taste buds. Fine wine needs a good preservation ground and dedicated wine cabinets are the solution towards justifying the wine’s longevity.

Liebherr has been an award winning candidate for many years down the line for their product design and quality. Some of the awards won in their presence in the cooler and freezer industry are Red Dot design Award 2010, Die Stiftung Warentest Award, Plus X Award for design, iF product design award to name a few. Attention to details and use of latest technology that guarantees user friendliness, low maintenance and preserving product quality in an environmentally safe way have been their USP for long.

There is single pane of different degrees of wine conditioning systems in the wine cabinets manufactured by this prestigious company. They pride themselves in the new line of wine cabinets that have received rave reviews in their inception period from critics and experts. What is different in Liebherr wine cabinets, you ask? Quality assurance and eco-friendly refrigerating environment is what you are promised.

About Liebherr:

Liebherr is a multiple award winning, popular cooler and freezer company in Turkey that has pride itself with quality service and consistent customer satisfaction. It strives further to develop its product line like strategically designed wine cabinets in order to glorify its reputation in the fridge and wine cabinet industry.

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About liebherrt designs domestic appliances like freezer, cooler and fridge with modern design and high quality, the latest range of wine cabinets and humidors captures the hearts of consumers with its finest design and technology. The company has about half a century experience in satisfying the refrigerating needs of customers.For more details, visit