Models Direct’s Makeup Tips for Prom

When it comes to prom night, every girl wants to look their best, makeup included. This isn’t a problem for those who can spend a fortune on a trip to the salon but this is just not a viable option for every teen. Modeling agency Models Direct offers their tips for getting the perfect prom makeup.

What’s your best feature?
When it comes to makeup you want to enhance your best features. Smoky eyes always look great but so does the current trend of bold lips. Whatever you do, don’t go for both!

The key to getting great smoky eyes is to layer up eye-shadow in different tones, starting with a lighter color. You’ll also need plenty of eyeliner and mascara. Lots of cosmetics companies have taken this on board and produced smoky eye kits to make things easier for you. If you’ve chosen to go with this trend, remember to keep your lips understated with a pale pink or nude lip gloss.

If you’ve decided to go the other way and make the most of your beautiful lips, reds, dark pink and purple shades are popular at the moment. Make sure your lips are in good, smooth condition by using a moisturizing lip balm before your lipstick or gloss.

Skin secrets.
When it comes to your skin you want it to look clear and fresh but also completely natural. Models Direct has some tips for giving the impression that your skin is makeup free.

-    Ensure that your skin is smooth and moisturized. This will prevent any products you use settling into any fine lines or dry spots that will make it obvious you’re wearing makeup.

-    Apply foundation and/or concealers sparingly and only to your problem areas or blemishes. As always, make sure that everything is blended perfectly.

-    We’re all prone to shine, especially during a night on the dancefloor. Instead of applying layers of powder each time you go to the ladies’ room, try shine control blotting paper or tissues.

-    For an ultra-glamorous look, apply some shimmery powder or bronzer to your shoulder and neck area. Just remember to not go overboard and make sure it doesn’t end up all over your dress!

What to take with you. Hopefully you’ll have room in your bag to take a few essentials to ensure your look stays how you want it to, especially for your all-important photos. Take your lipstick or lipgloss so you can reapply it when necessary, some blotting paper or powder to reduce shine on your problem areas and maybe your eyeliner or mascara. If you’ve got room, Models Direct suggests taking a compact mirror with you to reapply your makeup. You don’t want to assume that you’ve reapplied your makeup really well only to be horrified by the photos. You will also be able to avoid the inevitable queue that will be forming in the girls’ restroom!

Some final tips

-    Make sure your makeup coordinates with your dress.

-    Keep your makeup classic. Remember, you’re going to be looking at photos from your prom night for many years to come, you don’t want to cringe every time you see them!

-    Models Direct feel the final point is one of the most important; if you’re doing your own makeup do at least one trial run before the day of your prom. This will give you a chance to formulate a backup plan if your ideas don’t look right.

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