MilPay – Military Pay Charts and BAH rates for Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

No need to go through the time consuming DoD websites and read through those never-ending documents.  Information is at your finger tips with MilPay. It provides quick and easy access to 2011 Military pay charts and the 2011 Housing (BAH) rates.

Featured in Military Times as a \’must have\’ App.  Rated Top 25 Finance App in iTunes!

Puzzled what this App will do for you? – It will Calculate hourly, monthly and annual pay – you can even check out next year\’s pay raise!  See what your next promotion is worth.  MilPay does all the calculations for you.  It will break down your pay into 3 individual components: 1) basic pay 2) housing allowances and 3) special pay

Milpay displays all the calculated results in an easy to read format. Plus, MilPay will display how much you get paid hourly depending on how many hours per week you really work.  MilPay\’s latest Version 1.4 contains 2011 BAH data.  App is now fully updated with all necessary 2011 Military Pay information.

MilPay is available for direct purchase in the Android Market and iTunes Store at:  or by visiting

Do you want to watch the demo?  It is available on YouTube at

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The MilPay App makes navigating the complex military pay tables and BAH rates a simple and interactive experience.