Medivyom proudly announces its association with Wooridul Hospital…

When faced with problems of the spine – that most essential and delicate part of the body – we would all hope to entrust ourselves to the best professional care in the world. That\’s why Medivyom is especially proud to announce its association with Wooridul Hospital in Seoul, South Korea, one of the most highly respected spinal hospitals in Asia. Wooridul has a three-decade track record of excellence in treating diseases and disorders of the spine, from neuro-muscular and joint problems to herniated discs and spinal cancers.

It has been named the World\’s ‘Best International Hospital’ by the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) and one of the \”Top 10 International Hospitals for medical tourists” by the Medical Travel Quality Alliance.

The hospital\’s aim, wherever possible, is to use micro-surgical techniques and powerful, targeted lasers to avoid painful surgeries. The minimally invasive procedures favoured by Wooridul\’s experts reduce the possibility of scarring, infection, and post surgical complications. Most importantly, they ensure a faster recovery. After surgery, Wooridul also provides a range of rehabilitation services to get patients back on track.

Wooridul has built its reputation on the professional skills of 1200 staff, 130 specialist doctors, including neurosurgeons; orthopaedic and thoracic surgeons; and the use of the newest medical equipment and technology. It has become such a sought after destination for foreigners that it has opened affiliated hospitals in the UAE, Spain, Turkey and Brazil.

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