Marketing Factory by Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd becomes operational


Chennai, 18/10/2011:  Marketing Factory by Creative Marketing Strategies today announced the launch of its operation.  Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd., pledges to become the leading resource provider for all marketing needs of any organization. The company was created by a group of passionate Marketing experts interested in creating one of its kind comprehensive destinations for all marketing needs.


“We are thrilled about the launch of this company, which will fill a gap in the market for people looking out comprehensive marketing support,” stated Ramesh Thondapi, Chief Executive Officer, Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd. “Being experienced marketing professionals ourselves, we saw the need to bring together the different aspects of Marketing under one entity to provide holistic solutions for all marketing needs.”


Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd. is more than just an organization dedicated to providing marketing solutions, it will also be a dashboard to explore newer dimensions and aspects of marketing dynamics – the company will provide opportunities and avenues to make a brand viable and build the necessary aura around it.  Aspiring Marketing people can learn about the fundamentals of marketing in the Contemporary Marketing Dynamics.


Commending the initiative, Mr. Lloyd Mathias, President, Corporate, Tata Teleservices Ltd., said, “I congratulate Mr. Ramesh Thondapi and Marketing Factory for this effort to bring across a one-stop solution for all marketing needs. This is the need of the hour- the combination of creativity and passion for marketing, from its leaders will surely help make this venture a most sought after destination for those looking out for marketing solutions for their brands and initiatives.”


Mr. Neeraj Kumar, Director – Marketing, Beam Global Spirits & Wine, said that “Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd is surely the answer to the ever widening gap in marketing in today’s world.  Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd surely epitomizes the spirit and fervour that the team has for marketing, translating itself into tangible results for their clients.”


Mr. K. Subramanian, CEO, Jubilant Motorworks a franchise of Audi for Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, expressed his appreciation on the launch of Marketing Factory, and said, "Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd is a very novel initiative which provides cost effective solutions for various startup companies who may not have the pockets for advertising. It comes in at the right juncture to offer a plethora of marketing services, offering win-win marketing solutions."


Chief Selector of the Indian cricket team and swashbuckling former test cricket opening batsman, Krishnamachari Srikkanth, said, “Its about the right combination at the right moment.  Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd is the perfect team headed by an energetic and charismatic captain at the helm to battle it out in the open in the world of marketing.”


Mr. Ram S Ramasundar, CEO, Freelance Management & Advisory Services    commended the efforts of the founding team at Marketing Factory to provide comprehensive support to marketing with their venture, he said, “It is great to see great marketing brains getting together for a venture like this.  It goes beyond saying that this venture will meet its goals for which it has set out for.”


Reputed Tamil Film maker and son of thespian actor ‘Sivaji Ganesan’, Ramkumar Ganesan said, “Marketing Factory by Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd should do well and catch the fancy of all marketing people around. The experience and understanding the lead team brings across in Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd is a winning formula.”


Appreciating the concept of Marketing Factory, Ashim Mathur, Marketing Head, Dolby Labs said “We are recognized for our performance and reliability.  Marketing Factory is again a super combination of performance and reliability, we wish it all success in all its endeavours.”


Commending the initiative, T. Sandeep, Head Marketing, Consumer Electronic Division, Samsung, commented that “it is a welcome change to see some of the best brains in marketing get together to start this venture.  The high observational techniques of marketing factory will definitely fulfill their goals which they are aiming for.”


Talking about Marketing Factory, Gopi Nambiar, EVP –HR, Pernod Ricard India Ltd, said, “Marketing Factory is a fusion of some of the best brains in marketing and execution par excellence in its rank and file.  It will fill up an essential need and is sure to meet the growing demands of the industry.”


Commending the initiative, Shivram Ramamoorthy, Business Head, Kaff Kitchen Appliances Pvt Ltd., said, “In the modern era economic slowdown has shaken most of the giant global economies and High Inflationary Pressures pose a threat to the fast growing developing economies. At this juncture companies are looking for expert guidance on their Advertising, Brand Building and Marketing plans. The Marketing Factory with its Experienced Team is a boon in disguise for organizations to fuel their thoughts, propel their actions and fulfill their dreams of achieving success against all odds. My Best wishes to the Marketing Factory and their talented Team”.


Speaking on the launch of Marketing Factory by Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd, Rajiv Jain, Business Head, Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Division, LG Electronics Pvt. Ltd., said, “with changing consumer preferences, it needs innovative thinking and creative break through ideas to capture the imagination of consumers.  With its team of great marketing brains headed by Ramesh Thondapi, Marketing Factory will surely challenge the existing paradigms of marketing and create a niche for itself”.


Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd’s founders have more than — years of collective experience and over –years in brand building initiatives, positioning them perfectly to understand the needs of the marketing community and how to deliver great marketing solutions for their brands.


Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd is a leading marketing services agency, offering clients a single      source for design, execution and ongoing advancement of marketing initiatives.  Offering the very best in Advertising, ATL and BTL activities, Market Research, Events, Public Relations and every tool used in marketing under one roof, Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd is a solution that any organization is looking out for.  The Creative Marketing Strategies (P) Ltd team operates at the intersection of traditional – strategy based marketing and the rapidly evolving world of new age marketing, providing clients with a strategic, integrated approach that creates strong results and value for their money.   


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