Manoj Kachangal’s Exhibition— Online At, an online art portal, bringing together Indian contemporary artists and collectors at a common platform, would be the hosts to Manoj Kachangal’s exhibition— online.

India, June 1, 2011- rakes its belief in the world wide web being a much wider platform to promote Indian art. With this staunch view, the portal would be the cyber-hosts to Manoj Kachangal’s artwork— displaying the artists blurring boundaries, overriding colours, and other elements associated with nature.

The online exhibition, starting June 1st, uptill a fortnight, would feature the abstract landscapes by Kachangal, which do not have clear demarcations between the sky and the land. “How we all perceive the world around us is based on our thoughts and views,” shares the artist. Using a palette bright and bold, there is a hint of reality in Kachangal’s artwork. “Art has no rules, no laws; it goes beyond physical boundaries. A play with colour here, a little play there— my art goes much beyond the frame— a wider perspective,” says Kachangal.

Deeply in-sync with Kanchagal’s canvases, is the scope of art crossing boundaries. With online art exhibitions gaining much popularity, allows artists to promote their work to a broader, more sophisticated audience. The excitement of moving around in a virtual gallery is addictive and an experience in itself.

I believe that the two most significant benefits to exhibit art work online are that the artists get far more exposure to the art world, and the art world gets a far greater access to the artist,” concludes Anuja Lath, Co-founder and CEO,

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