Online Classifieds Website Re-launched with brand new features

Announcement: – Online Classifieds Website Re-launched with brand new features

As more and more people turn towards the internet for to find classifieds, is a cutting edge website offering users a blend of options to choose from. It has been re-launched with a whole new design and added benefits for customers. has been involved in the lucrative business of online classifieds since its launch in 2010. It was set up by Rajukannu M, the President and CEO of Magicaladz International who has worked in the IT industry for 11 years, and Rakesh Kumar, Head of Technology who has 10 years of experience in the industry. Both of them firmly believe that this website can bring about a revolution in the field of online classified advertising. It is growing increasingly popular due to its sheer convenience and far fetching reach.

The new features that have been added to the website include a whole new use friendly design, enhanced to give a new look and feel to the Home page, apart from the other categories, sub categories as well as the ads page. With header and footer additions, navigation has been made easier for all users of the site. The other new features planned include an easy city select option so that the user is able to locate exactly what they are looking for, an enriched internal search system, Ad refinements in the category and sub category sections, and an all category search or index, and sitemap page inclusion. To make the site even richer, an RSS feed option has been planned, aside from increased participation on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. is looking to re-launch with a huge database and features that will take the site a step above every other. Follow them on Facebook ( and Twitter (!/Magicaladz).

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