Kettlebell Seminars Announces Flat Rates On All Kettlebells

UNITED KINGDOM (December 2010) – Kettlebell Seminar announces flat rates on all kettlebells when ordering from their secure online website. There are many selections of kettlebells to choose from.
Kettlebell Seminars hosts an online website which sells a wide variety of kettlebells. These kettlebells are listed as a flat rate on the website. This means no hidden charges exist unlike other websites which sell kettlebells. With Kettlebell Seminars, the rates posted online are the price customers will pay. All prices listed include VAT and P+P.
Many customers prefer to know the exact prices up front when ordering online. This helps a person to stay within a budgeted guideline when ordering. Since the costs are all flat rates, many customers take advantage of this and order another set of kettlebells with a slightly increased weight amount. These may be stored away until the person is ready to use a heavier weight.
Several different selections of kettlebells are available on the website of Kettlebell Seminars. Kettlebells are packaged in various formats to best meet individual needs. Kettlebells may be purchased individually as one kettlebell. This particular package is good for the novice kettlebell trainer who is still learning and practicing the various types of kettlebells movements. At this stage, it is best to focus on executing the movements correctly before using two kettlebells at once.
Kettlebells also come in pairs which are more useful for individuals who have moved up to completing kettlebells circuits. A circuit is where several lifts occur in a workout and some movement around the gym is typical. Having more than one kettlebell means the circuit can be completed most effectively because the second kettlebell may be placed a few meters away. This second kettlebell will be used later in the circuit. Kettlebells pairs are also purchased by people who are training together, such as two friends or a married couple.
A kettlebell set typically includes three kettlebells of various weights. The trainer will begin using the kettlebell with the lowest weight during the initial workout period. As strength, endurance, and fitness are increased the trainer will move on to the other two kettlebells of various weights. All three kettlebells may be used in a circuit if so desired. Kettlebell sets are suggested for those who are confident that kettlebells training is the right type of workout for them.
Kettlebell Seminars announces flat rates on all kettlebells purchases. This flat rate is possible because VAT and P+P are already included.

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