Innovative New World of Motorcycling on DVD

September 10, 2010

Innovative New World of Motorcycling on DVD

(Tampa, FL) – Jerry “Motorman” Palladino, Retired Sheriff’s Deputy, who is a certified Motor Officer Instructor, announced the release of his brand new DVD “Ride Like A Pro V”. In addition he released his new book “Ride Like A Pro: The Book”. This instructional video and book will train you to ride your motorcycle like a pro, in just a few hours.

“My DVD will train you so you never have to fear dropping your motorcycle or making that U-turn ever again.” Palladino says.

Police Motor Officers are the top 2% of all riders in the nation. They receive special training designed for their safety and efficiency when patrolling our streets. Palladino shares these amazing tips with you, which are not shown to the public, until now.

Since the release of the DVD people are raving over this instructional DVD; making it the best selling instructional DVD on the market today.

“The DVD is awesome! Your lessons have given me a higher level of confidence. My turns at slower speeds are awesome, and I don’t fear dropping my bike anymore. I highly recommend it to all riders…even experienced riders” – Paul (customer)

Palladino’s idea to bring these tips to the public will save lives, reduce damage and make riding more enjoyable for everyone.

No matter what you ride, safety is always the top concern. Knowing how to use your motorcycle equipment is the best way to stay safe. Palladino will keep you safe, and allow you to enjoy the freedom of the open road with the valuable tips from “Ride Like A Pro V”.

Meet Jerry Palladino

* Creator of the biggest selling Motorcycle Instructional DVD in the world
* Retired Florida Deputy Sheriff trained for the motorcycle unit
* Tips, Tricks, and Techniques writer for “Full Throttle Magazine”
* Author, columnist for Born to Ride Magazine
* Motor Officer Instructor
* Recreational motorcycle rider for 25 plus years
* Apart of the motorcycle entertainment group “Team Motorman”

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