increase sales & profits by avoiding the “9 Most-Deadly Sins in Sales & Marketing”

Columbia, SC: January 7,2009

MahoneyMarketing announces new information that identifies and explains the “9 Most-Deadly Sins in Sales & Marketing.” Avoiding these common, costly mistakes and knowing how to take the necessary steps to correct them, will enable you and your Business Development operation to substantially increase sales and profits.

According to Neil Mahoney, “Learning to identify these mistakes and the reasons they occur helps Sales & Marketing management take the necessary actions to correct them.” Neil Mahoney also adds, “While circumstances vary from situation to situation, these time-tested solutions have proved effective in both the B2B and B2C sectors.”

Included in the list of the 9 Deadly Sins are:
* Overestimating/Oversimplifying Branding Efforts
* Improper Positioning
* Why Salespeople Misperceive Their Proper Roles
* Sales: The Least Time-Effective Process in All of Business

Go to to learn more about these “9 Deadly Sins.” Neil Mahoney will be happy to answer any questions you may have. With over 30 years of in-depth experience in all areas of Sales and Marketing, he is well equipped to give you solid advice regarding:
* Market Research & Strategic Planning
* Sales & Marketing Management
* Motivation & Training
* Advertising & Communications
* Inquiry Generation & Prospecting

E-mail Neil Mahoney at for a prompt reply to any questions on Sales & Marketing. #####

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