Sample Press Release

Below is a Sample Press Release which you should use as a basis for creating a press release of your own (Submit a Free Press Release to Your Story here).

Please note that this format is for Digital Press Releases, so differs a little from the traditional press release you may have been used to posting or faxing to journalists.

The sample Press release is below – the headline would ordinarily be in the main title area above (which reads “Sample Press Release”) but in all other aspects, this sample press release is exactly as it would be displayed were it a real, published press release in Your Story. To discover more about the elements of a press release, please see the page “How To… Write a Press Release“.

This is The Press Release Title or Headline

You may add in a key phrase as a sub-title if you think this is important – it has immediate impact

For Immediate Release / Embargoed until 01/01/2012

July 15 2011 (Your Story) – This is the first sentence, it should introduce the key theme. The rest of the introductory paragraph should establish all of the who, what, where, when and why of this press release.

This is the start of the body text, it should contain the most important details of the press release in this paragraph. Following paragraphs will contain details which, while important, are less key.

This is the second paragraph of the body text. You could put a quote here, from Mr Smith, MD of Company X, who says “we are pleased to be … “

This is the third paragraph, you could say that according to a recent report by some research institute, 95% of people enjoy X.

This is the final paragraph of the body text, you should wrap things up with another reference to your key News Hook if possible.

About Company X

Here we place information about the company, when it was founded, how many employees it has, and where it has offices. This is known as the “Boilerplate”.


Media Contacts

For further details and interview requests, please contact Mr A Person at PR Company Z on 555 555 555, or email