How to use your garage with Bernards Bins

Gone are the days when garages were just for cars. Nowadays, everything from toys to exercise equipment gets stored there, along with everything from our houses we don’t want anymore. But it is a bad move to use it as a dumping ground. Used correctly, garage storage can free up space in your home. It can still be used as a place for a workshop, too. The first thing you need to do is have a really good clearout. Do you really need that tub of paint which has solidified? Or the old school exercise books which haven’t been looked at for 20 years? Be ruthless. Get a big black sack and get rid of everything you don’t need. Anything of any value can be sold in a car boot sale or on eBay. This can be fun as well as creating much-needed garage storage space. And you get to raise a bit of money too

Next you need to make some decisions about what goes where. If you need to work in your garage, or if you are still keeping your vehicle in there, shelves are a good answer. That way you can keep a lot in there without filling the floorspace. Keep things in boxes, which can be stacked together, to make the most of the space. Now is the time to think about what else you have in the house which might better be stored in your garage out of the way. Some things no longer get day-to-day use, but you still don’t want to throw them away.  Out of the way in the garage is the perfect place for them to go. A system for labelling boxes is a good idea for the well-organised. Garage storage is a great opportunity to get your whole house in order if you use it right

One thing you need to consider is that garages can be damp. Use sturdy trunks or boxes to make sure all your possessions stay clean and dry. Plastic boxes with lids can Metal shelves are useful as they are tough and can usually support a great deal of weight. Anyone keeping items like paint or tools in their garage should bear this in mind. You might even want to reinforce shelves by attaching them to the walls. One of the best ways to store all your sports gear or gardening kit is by buying specialist racks for the walls. You can store your entire golf kit or set of gardening tools this way. It makes them easy to find and keeps the rest of your garage storage space free

“Whatever your garage storage needs, here at Bernard’s Bins we have a solution,” says Spokesman Bernard Jones. “Log on today to eliminate clutter and make the most of your garage space.” Above all, don’t be put off by the daunting task of tidying up. Just think of all the money you will make from that car boot sale.


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