How to Design an Elegant Evening Dress By yourself

Not all girls have the chance to go to fashion schools to learn some special technology like sawing. However, you can saw a special evening dress for yourself at home. Before you set up to do this, you must make sure all kinds of resources available. You can refer to some TV fashion show, red carpets and fashion magazines, especially internet is a good channel for you to get large amount of information about some fashionable styles. Draw, saw and make your own styles.


First, as I have mentioned above, you can search for some fashion magazines to make sure you have had a clear idea of the latest fashion trends in couture. New York fashion week just now is a good reference for you to know the latest fashion trend. Costume appeared on the fashion week are all on the top of the world’s fashion trend. Some fashion magazines are also helpful for you to have a quick clear idea of the fashion. Then after you have made sure the style you like, you can set up to draw a silhouette of a female which fit for your body shape. Sketch your garment on the paper. Alter the figures on the paper again and again and make sure the details are all perfect, which is necessary. While you are sketching your figure, you can consider which fabric you prefer to use. There are many fabric you can choose, such as the chiffon, silk, velvet, taffeta and sequins. Colours are also important elements for costume, so just think about which colour you want to take.


After you have made sure you have nothing to rework and every detail is perfect. You can go to the fabric store and pick out the fabric you prefer to. Attach swatches to your sketch and take notes regarding accessories and other embellishments. You can think about some new ideas anytime and anywhere. You can do what you like and change it anyway you like. After all, this is your evening dress.


Design a real perfect evening dress is not an easy task. Lastly, you should saw it by hand. There are some pattern books you can refer to or you can also make your own patterns or you can buy a pattern in boutiques everywhere and change it in another way. What you need are just practice and experience. You can design your evening gown dress with fun. Designing itself is a funny thing. And especially it is fun to learn how to make a pattern, because you know it is the basis for a fabulous garment. Wearing your own-made evening dress, I am sure you will be happier than before. That is the most perfect garment of all.

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